About  AlKadir Foundation

What occupations do Alkadir Employment Recruitment  foundation offer?

Specialists in the recruitment of domestic workers (domestic workers, babysitter, caring for the elderly, home cook (man and woman), home nurse, private driver, (man and woman), domestic worker, domestic farmer).
Specialists in the recruitment of professional labor from various disciplines (medical, engineering, substantive, technical, media and marketing, accounting and commercial, as well as professional and non-professional disciplines).

What domestic workers' occupations are available for recruitment?

domestic workers
caring for the elderly
home cook (man and woman)
home nurse
private driver (man and woman)
domestic worker
domestic farmer

What nationalities are available to recruit domestic workers?

AlKadir foundation offers a group of different nationalities which are allowed of recruitment and upon request.

What are the advantages of Alkadir Recruitment?

Honesty and credibility
Maintain performance quality standards.
Confidentiality of information.
continuing evolution and we are keen to provide the best
About the employer

What is the lowest earners for a domestic worker's recruitment permit?

Every citizen is entitled to Obtain a recruitment permit for a domestic worker by a fixed income of at least OMR 325.

Is there a requirement for the applicant's age?

The applicant must be at least 18 years of age.

Is the customer compensated during the warranty period for the domestic service worker?

Yes, during the warranty period the customer has the right to replace the worker(man and woman) or to recover the recruitment mony in the following cases: refusal of work or infectious and chronic illness and pregnancy, according to the regulations issued by the Ministry of Labor.

How is the application submitted?

You can apply by our website or visit our location:
Muscat Governorate - Northern Ghobrah - Bank Muscat Building (First Floor)

What are the requirements for recruiting domestic workers?

1.The recruitment permit issued by the Ministry of Labor.
2.Signature of all documents required to complete the transaction.
3.The citizen's identity card, or the resident's card of the expatriate.
4.Salary certificate for certain nationalities according to embassy conditions.
5. Payment of recruitment fees.

What should the employer commit to with respect to the salary and when it is paid?

The employer must commit to:
1. You have to pay the salary at the end of each month.
2. Pay the salary by transferring it to the worker's bank account

When is it permissible to deduct part of the salary of the domestic worker?

A domestic worker's wage may be deducted only in the following cases:
1.Costs of intentionally or negligently damaging, with proof of this.
2. A debt obtained from the employer, with proof

What work is allowed for a domestic worker?

The employer must commit to:
1- A domestic worker is not required to perform work other than that agreed upon in the contract, or to engage in another occupation contrary to the work permit.
2- A domestic worker shall not be charged with any work that endangers his life, health, physical integrity or human dignity.
3- A domestic worker shall not be hired or allowed to work for someone person.

Does the employer have to provide housing for the domestic worker?

The employer has to secure proper housing

Is the domestic worker entitled to leave after the expiration of the contract period?

Yes, he is entitled to 30 days' paid vacation after the expiration of the contract

Is a woman citizen entitled to a domestic worker's recruitment permit?

Yes, she is entitled if she is married, and otherwise she is entitled to conditional cases.

Is the expatriate entitled to a domestic labour recruitment permit?

Yes, if the conditions are available for job title and monthly income.

is the expatriate entitled to more than one permit to recruit domestic workers?

Yes, he is entitled, in case the conditions are available for job title and monthly income.

Why should a citizen submit a report of leaving work (escape)?

The service enables citizens to register termination reports on the non-Omani workforce who left working for more than seven days, ensuring that their legal liability arising from the consequences of the worker's leaving work is discharged, such as a fine if the worker was arrested.

What legal procedure is followed when worker leave work or run away?

The employer shall submit report on the website of the Ministry of Labor. Also paying for the ticket as a guarantee of insurance. If the worker is arrested by the joint inspection team or surrendered himself

When can I get the price back of the ticket deposited in the account of the Ministry of Labor when registering the worker escape?

The value of the ticket may be recovered in the event of the cancellation of the leave of employment (escape) or through the employee's complaint about getting off work , or the departure of the worker without using the ticket price or the expiration of the statutory period (4 years) after staying the ticket price in the Ministry's account.

How can I claim the costs of the worker's recruitment and the expense of his return to his country if he escapes after the expiry of the guarantee period by the recruitment offices referred to in the Regulation for the recruitment of the non-Oman workforce?

Filing a civil lawsuit in the court competent to claim the worker's costs of recruitment and expense of his return to his country.
About the domestic worker

What work should a domestic worker commit to?

A domestic worker must commit to:
1. follow the employer's orders, and his family members related to the execution and performance of the work agreed upon.
2.Do not refuse working or leave the service without legal reason.
3.Not self-employed.

What are the duties of domestic workers towards the safety of their employer and family members?

Domestic workers are required to:
1.Do not cause harm to family members or vandalize the employer's property.
2. Preserve the secrets of the employer and family members.

How many working hours per day for domestic workers according to the Omani Labour Code?

A domestic worker must be offered a continuous rest of at least 8 hours per day, must not work for more than 12 hours per day, and must be allowed at least one hour's rest after 5 consecutive hours of work.

Is a domestic worker entitled to weekly rest?

Yes he is entitled to one day's vacation per week, or to compensation in accordance with the agreement of the parties.

What are the duties of domestic workers towards household property?

Domestic workers must preserve their employer's property and their family members.

Can a domestic worker be taken when travelling?

Yes, if the domestic worker is satisfied

What health care should be provided to the domestic worker?

Health care must be provided to the domestic worker during the period of the employment contract.