About us

AlKadir foundation for Manpower Recruitment, was established in 2015, Specialized in recruiting domestic workers (house workers, babysitters, caring for the elderly, home nurse, house cook (woman),house cook(man) private driver (woman),private driver(man) domestic worker, farmer, and all the household chores).
The foundation also provides its leading services to its clients in the business sector and the provision of human staff Which are tailored the labour market needs from various vocational specializations and technical Through strategic partnership with the specialized international companies to attract experiences and human competencies from various countries, as well as quality standards in training and qualifiation human staff for our clients to achieve their aspirations and future ambitious.
Our foundation consists of a distinguished and experienced team, who aims to bring in the best workers, and in constant contact to identify the needs and serve them at all times. client

Our vision

becoming the first choice for individuals to recruit the best domestic workers , as well as for entities seeking high reliable competencies suited to meet the customer's needs. This is a product of insight and the right thinking taken by the foundation.

Our message

Our mission is to create sustained growth and achieve fruitful successes with our valued customers. To achieve this, we invest our efforts and expertise to bring the best human beings to bear and adopt the best working methods in order to achieve our vision and objectives. Our clients and their aspirations will remain at the forefront of our strategies.

Our goals

1. Providing qualified and trained employment according to the highest standards and criteria; To assist individuals and families of citizens to obtain employment with a high degree of honesty and experience. Also to provide the highest level of quality of service without looking at the financial return.
2. Providing qualified and trained human personnel in various professional and technical fields.
3. To mediate the termination of all statutory procedures for recruitment of workers in accordance with the statutory requirements and requirements of both the Sultanate and the recruitment countries.
4. Subjecting the foundation's personnel and employment to professional tests and improving their skills through ongoing training courses to obtain qualified and trained employment; To reach advanced stages of mastery and work diligence.

Our values

1.Fulfilling the promise: We offer the highest level of satisfaction with our clients to the right time and the requirement speed.
2.Excellence: We always look for new ideas and theses that increase the efficiency of what we offer to clients.
3.Technology: We develop our business professionally, ensuring that the service is provided easier and faster.
4.Transparency and credibility: We share with our clients the various stages of implementation with complete honesty and indulgence.
5.Trust and honesty: not to exploit the clients to achieve unfair profits
6.Honourable destination: We always strive to be an honorable destination for Oman abroad, as this sector has an impact on the image of the State regionally and internationally.

Future insights

No matter how successful we are, we never stop devising ways to improve our performance. This is the secret to our progress, thanks to God, in the field of recruitment of workers, which ensures a brighter future for our foundation and clients who rely on us to select the best workers.
We hope to Be the best guide to the outstanding success of the business owners until Ascension.

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